Picture shows three circles. In the first circle, you can see a clear photo of a woman in a blouse with a small smile at the camera. The photo is clear and sharp and says "personally identifiable" underneath. The second circle shows the same photo of the same woman, but she is pixelated and her face/body is unclear. You can see it is a person, but could not distinguish any identifiable features. It says "de-personalised" underneath. The final circle shows the shape of a person, in a cartoon style, but the people are navy blue. They have no identifying features. You cannot tell anything about them. There are multiples of these characters in varying shades of blue. Underneath, it says "anonymous". There is an arrow under the first circle pointing to the left, saying "more identifiable" the arrow continues under all the circles until an arrow points to the right under the third "anonymous" circle. This is labelled "less identifiable".

Date published: 12th September, 2023
Date last updated: 12th September, 2023